I’ll be by your side, leading the way and teaching the you all the steps to grow your business, skyrocket your sales and increase your earnings.

You want more clients
and success in the digital world

And in the same situation, there are two kinds of people here:


 David wants to engage with the right audience, sell his product to more clients and overcome the entrepreneurship routines, but he has no idea of how to do so and feel lost in a  whirlwind of information.


On the other hand,  Alice is optimistic about her business and already had some interesting results. However, she’s still procrastinating the tasks that would lead her earning to scale. She gets stuck in the difficulties that dealing with her projects puts in her personal life; in the end of the day, she is unable to organize herself or prioritize essential activities.

Maybe you recognize yourself as David or Alice.

If you’re like some of them, let me tell you something below…

after 1 year, that's how their life is:

David has invested hours creating the wrong kind of contents that does not connect with his clients, not even knowing the reason.

  • As the bill started to accumulate, he became more and more insecure and less driven to continue, as the financial results weren’t coming;
  • Felt an enormous pressure from friends and family advising him that the digital world was a waste of time;
  • Finally, he contented on going back only to his offline business, dependant of his physical presence, where money comes in accordingly to how many hours he works.


Alice stopped seeing friends and enjoying leisure time with her family in her spare time in the hope of taking care of the countless tasks that the online business required;

    • Got overwhelmed by doing things without direction or strategy that did not lead to a common goal;
    • Started to suffer from the Impostor Syndrome, as she saw other players in the market that were on her same level growing, while she struggled to advance;
    • Kept repeating to herself that she would reach the top as soon as “things get right” and she has time to organize herself.

Until that something happened…

Alice found a mentor that assumed the Lean Startup Method as the base of her work

This menthor claimed that success on social media was not a matter of investing large amounts of money or having complex staff and tools; she preached the idea of MVP. Of dreaming big but starting small. And that with the support of those who know how to point the right direction, it is possible to triple the incomes with online customers.

Alice suspected that it would be another mentoring program like everyone else she has ever heard of, but decided to give one last chance before settling for average earnings.

She promised that this time, she would do everything proposed by the mentor.

After 8 weeks of mentorship...

    • She developed the ability to organize her time, prioritize tasks that were really necessary and stopped feeling that she spent hours on her phone but getting nowhere;


    • Learned how to create content, e-mail and lead pages that generate connection and desire in her customers;


    • Defined a range of products that truly connects with your audience;


    • Her friends started asking for advice on how she gained such authority on Instagram;


  • She tripled the value of her work-hour and created an online course that already has more than 200 students.

so, how does your story
going to be?

If you are really committed to giving your best, listening to a few citrus truths and doing whatever it takes to level up your business, I’m committed to act as your partner during the Mentoring period.


I will teach you everything you need to achieve your goals, whether they are preparing a course launch or mentoring, positioning yourself as an authority, increasing engagement, creating sales automations, dealing with page builders and sponsored ads, multiplying your incomes and everything else that involves digital marketing.

how does it work?

I will lend you my brain and all the knowledge acquired in those 5 years working with digital marketing (and when it comes to digital, 5 years is equivalent to 20, given the speed that things change here!).

All my experience with sales of physical products, services, numerical skills with engineering, startups and digital products, will be directed to what your business needs at the moment.

2 months mentorship

We will meet weekly, set goals and evaluate results together. I will guide you through this process and show you how to do each of the tasks necessary to evolve your business.
Unlike other mentoring programs that take more than 90 days to complete, my biggest goal here is to give you the autonomy that after these 60 days, you can continue to grow and scale your earnings on your own. It is without BS. I am absolutely sure that with your commitment and my knowledge and direction, we will change the game of your business in this period.

WHATSAPP support

Here, throughout the whole Mentoring period, I will be at your disposal on WhatsApp for specific questions. My mentored clients doesn't sleep with doubts in their heads. Keep in mind that this is my personal number; therefore, you will have the same access that my family and close friends have. Between each meeting, I will be following you closely every day.

checkup session

After 30 days from the end of the Mentoring Program, we will have an extra session to assess how you managed on working by yourself when the process was finished. This is where we make sure that the boat remains pointed in the right direction and make small adjustments when necessary.

For whom is it?

O que os alunos dizem

Cintia Schenkel – Diretor Apipa Consulting

Edelweis Jahnke – Marketing Manager in a crowdfunding Startup

Isabela Goidanich – Architect

why should you trust on me

Design sem nome (47)

I’m an engineer, but a routine at regular offices never made me happy.

Therefore, I directed my career to marketing, where I connect my math skills with my passion for innovation and social media.

5 years ago I started my journey in digital entrepreneurship when I managed the project of a startup, an app that reached the mark of more than 500 thousand users organically – while testing a new method of organic growth in my own profile on Instagram.

 All of this aroused a strong need to truly help those who are looking to grow in the digital world. Those looking for the freedom of flexible schedules, those who are ambitious and those who want more for themselves, for their loved ones and for the people they know they can help with their abilities.

 Since then, I have invested thousands of dollars in knowledge with the biggest players in the national and international marketing area to improve my Method.

Today, as a digital strategist and Instagram expert, I have helped thousands of entrepreneurs around the world through my lectures, online courses and mentoring program to monetize their knowledge in the same way.

Design sem nome (47)


Au$ 1,000.00 is the insvestment to uplevel and skyrocket your business

I will look at your business as if it were mine. Your goals will also be mine. I will give feedback on your videos, pages, e-mails and give you tasks. Every day I will be at your disposal on Whatsapp. I will review 100% of your releases, copys, pages and emails. Let's go?



If after the first session, for any reason, you feel that this program is not the transformation you are looking for, we will end the process and I will return your investment.

I want you to have real results and be to focused and dedicated to fulfilling what we have planned. I commit to giving you all the knowledge and tools you need. You undertake to perform the tasks. Together we are committed to achieve the Program’s objectives and doing our best.

how to apply?

still in doubt?

If you are still wondering if this Mentorship Program is for you, take a little time to think about these points:

I imagine that if you are here, you have answered YES to at least one of the questions above.

CONGRATULATIONS! This means that the first steps, of getting out of inertia and believing in your business, you have already taken.

So yes, you are ready to GROW. I’ll be by your side. And in 8 weeks from now, you will be wondering why didn’t you take this step before.

See you on the other side.